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Saturday, January 11, 2014


Being a Fashion Designer and in to Fashion it is expected of me to support every little crazy new thing that pops out in vogue. So boys wearing a wedding dress at the end of the couture show is part of the new wave of fashion tales predicting androgenic future. And as an artist I do. I've even done some experimenting on the subject with my work, and probably as time goes I will follow the trends and design both men and women clothing in to one. Or switch the wardrobe in order to be a cool designer with wide point of view..and yet.. as a woman, I often ask what happened? What is going on? Rachel was a woman in Blade Runner and she was a prediction of the future. And she fell in love, with a man. Yet our future took a different path .. they call it progress. 
Raquel Welch


Naomi Campbell

So boys and girls are we going to follow trends and become the art we are supporting or are we going to stick to the good old-fashion way of wearing pants? We'll see...the future of fashion is yet to go back. 

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