I am married to costumes. I have an affair with fashion.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I grew up with Disney, so did many generations before and after me. Bukovski says that it's Disney's fault. I agree. And somehow I find myself watching every Disney cartoon all over again. Or waiting for a movie opening in movie theaters with the anxiety of a 5 year old. To be specific I am soon to be 29.
I loved the fashion, I loved the transformation from a maid to a princess, I loved that all girls were saved by their true love. Even though today I know the grown up story about the horse, not the prince, even though I know that maids today are a bit different in description and have higher goals than a prince (they are often interested only in the carriage and the castle)  and dresses are made not with magic .. I still want to believe. 

Cinderella glass slipper, the shoe that changed human kind forever

The latest Disney feature is Frozen. I watched it four times so far, to find myself mesmerized by the scene where she makes her own dress. I even made a necklace the day after being enchanted by the creation.
So I ask my self and all of you out there, why do we not want to believe in magic any more? When I design and create the dresses, not all of them, but some, very special ones, I use magic to make them perfect. 
That magic I believe is called love. 

Dream on girls. I know I will. Because dreams do come true.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

I HEART 80's

The best phenomena of now a fashion days is the invention of style part. Every youngster and every new raised fashion blogger somehow gives it's self a whole lot of meaning and claim that they are the revolutionary ones! Well guess what boys and girls, right before the time you were born or during, there was a whole bunch of cool people inventing, designing, following someone else s steps  in a past time of a future fashion.

For those of you who still don't follow, twas the 80's. The period of David Bowie, Iman, Joan Collins, Madonna ... and a whole lot of more STYLE ICONS in the true meaning of the phrase.

Justine Bateman 1987

During this period of time there was a country, a great historic country, that still lived in full glory - Yugoslavia. And like it or not, we were a part of it. We loved Tito, we gave oath to pioneering, and we had Fashion. A lot of Fashion!


Sylvester Stallone 1983

We had fabulous music, we dressed fabulous Fashion. We were Vogue and street style all the way.. The emotions were more intense, the colors were more vivid, the Fashion was GLAM. 

Today everything is like a pale copy of a past life. To me, a past life I never truly had. 
So boys and girls and young fashionistas all around the world, before you consider yourself to be a cool, young brave "Titovi pionir" do your homework. 
My name is Ivana, I was born on 02.04.1985, a whole decade too late. 

photo Fedja, Split Fashion Style 80's 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


To my great pleasure and an extraordinary designer challenge I've became a part of Savoire Vivre, an elite premium domestic organization, that bring the world the Nanny on a higher level. I was given the Maison Mode section, with a ground Rococo inspiration, in order to create a line sort of a couture retail, for Nannies in the Middle East modern families. Twas a great challenge and we are yet to develop it with expectations to dress up every fancy Nanny in this world. So, if you think your Nanny needs a make over, check


In the mind time, enjoy the day ...