I am married to costumes. I have an affair with fashion.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Around five years ago I had a serious night life, half of which I do not remember due to substance abuse. And I was a student once, not so long ago with an appetite for ART. As all art students I was first amazed by classic work, naturally following history of art in it's flow. And during my studies I was charmed by the life style of our parents and their parents and their parents... And they all lived in a time of great CENSURE, they all had society problems, cultural differences and behavior bans. Today it is known that we live in a world of democracy, freedom of speech and freedom of choice. And yet we seem to be living in total eclipse of choice, drowning in a claustrophobic mentality filled with prejudice. Where is STUDIO 54? Where is Bowie? Where are we?



Even in Fashion ... LESS IS MORE?! Really?!
Linda and Chanel

My dear followers, I choose ART. And the freedom of ART. 

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