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Friday, December 13, 2013

Road to Abu Dhabi

Habibi yalla, yalla...

Well guys made it back. It's been hell of a trip, seeing something that has nothing to do with your ordinary reality. Living an image from a movie.
The best part of every trip is the people you meet and the friendships you gain. Christine Rochlitz for example is a lovely lady from Berlin, owner of LYY-LUCKYNELLY who introduced me to a totally different world of designing and who's images Ill be using here.


The fair was a combination of English organization combined with Arabic possibilities. I have to say the English men were not so capable as I expected. But all in all it went good, Drama had a small hot spot, we had a phenomenal review and fantastic deals. But in the future I will be sticking to the Arabic audience and organization as well.

I had a lovely time with the two ladies that accompanied me, Daniela and Ana. Having in mind that Drama is available at www.bastetnoir.com Daniela was a huge support for the event and we used our spare time to check out what Dubai has to say. The malls, the fountain, the shopping, the money. It's ALL about the money, how much your earn and how much you spend. Let's say we didn't exaggerate this time...

So I'm living you now with a very special soundtrack from my Road to Abu Dhabi, stay tuned my darlings.


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