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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Presenting part of Dilber Stana, the latest collection from Ivana Knez. Inspired by the love of her mother and the novel Dilber Stana by the Macedonian writer Stale Popov this unique collection tells the story of women, fragile as a rose flower on top, and firm, stable stem ground protected with thorns. The necklaces are made out of rose stem hand treated and gold plated.

The dresses are inspired by the traditional Macedonian Folklore Costume with redesigned tailoring line, keeping the three important colors white (life), red (blood and passion) and black (death). 
The lovely Katerina Ivanovska is wearing one of the dresses on this year "Skopski Festival" and Mila Georgieva is the leading lady in the editorial and video made for the collection.


The collection was shown at this years Life&Style international fair at Abu Dhabi.

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