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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I grew up with Disney, so did many generations before and after me. Bukovski says that it's Disney's fault. I agree. And somehow I find myself watching every Disney cartoon all over again. Or waiting for a movie opening in movie theaters with the anxiety of a 5 year old. To be specific I am soon to be 29.
I loved the fashion, I loved the transformation from a maid to a princess, I loved that all girls were saved by their true love. Even though today I know the grown up story about the horse, not the prince, even though I know that maids today are a bit different in description and have higher goals than a prince (they are often interested only in the carriage and the castle)  and dresses are made not with magic .. I still want to believe. 

Cinderella glass slipper, the shoe that changed human kind forever

The latest Disney feature is Frozen. I watched it four times so far, to find myself mesmerized by the scene where she makes her own dress. I even made a necklace the day after being enchanted by the creation.
So I ask my self and all of you out there, why do we not want to believe in magic any more? When I design and create the dresses, not all of them, but some, very special ones, I use magic to make them perfect. 
That magic I believe is called love. 

Dream on girls. I know I will. Because dreams do come true.


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